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Let Compound Interest Work for You

January 22, 2018

Albert Einstein once referred to the power of compound interest as the most powerful force in the universe.  So why don't most individuals who one day hope to retire, take advantage of it? 


Life has a funny way of getting in the way and unless discipline to invest regularly makes it's way into life regardless of the amount you invest or your circumstances, you're not going to do it and paying bills and buying groceries will fill your line of site and blind you from seeing the future.  But don't let it!  

We have found the some of the most successful investors are certainly not the most affluent clients we work with.  Instead, they are the most disciplined and faithful clients we work with.  They stay the course and set a discipline and stick to it - FOR A LONG TIME!  That's it.

As a result, they get the great benefit of experiencing the power of compound interest on their investment for many years ahead.  

Attached is a dynamite piece that lays out a chart showing the power of compound interest regardless of your age.  Would you like to know how much to invest annually right now to have 1 million dollars in your portfolio at 65?  This chart will show you.  

Let Compound Interest Work for You