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Our Process


Discovery is our opportunity to get to know you and your financial situation, while also giving you a chance to learn about our firm and our investment and planning philosophy. First, we will schedule an Introductory phone call meeting with you so that we can get acquainted and learn how we can best serve you for your financial situation. During this meeting, we will then schedule a Discovery Meeting with you, either in-person or virtually. Meetings can be scheduled by calling our office at (785) 783-2346 or by emailing Creighton at After scheduling this meeting, we will ask you to fill out and return our Financial Planning Checklist. This helps us learn more about you and your financial situation and makes you aware of some of the questions that we may ask. At the end of our Discovery Meeting, we will schedule a Presentation Meeting.


At our second meeting, we will present a retirement plan that we created based on your goals for retirement and the information you provide during the Discovery Meeting. We will make planning and investment recommendations that would be suitable to assist you in achieving your financial goals. At this time, we may ask you to fill out our New Client Questionnaire, which gives us the information required to open investment accounts.


Next, we begin moving forward with the administrative aspect of your situation. This could include rolling over retirement accounts from previous employers, transferring existing accounts or beginning new investments. We will do a review of your investments after implementation is complete and set up online access to view your retirement plan and monitor your investments. Finally, we will help you set up your statements, tax forms and other documents to be sent to you either by mail or email, depending on your preference. 

Moving Forward

After your accounts are in place, and depending on your situation, you will receive monthly email correspondence and semi-annual or annual phone calls and requests to schedule a review. At these times, we will make changes to your investment or retirement plan as needed. Our staff is available by phone or email and equipped to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and/or to help you with any necessary account maintenance or money movement items. 
Contact us today to let us make sense of your situation.