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We are the retirement planning and wealth management arm of many affiliated tax firms. By working directly with clients and their tax professional in these firms, Link Financial Strategies is able to review and advise clients on their complete financial picture that includes their tax situation.


The financial planning industry is clouded with advisors who make recommendations based on their own personal interests and not a client’s best interest. Over time, poor customer service and personal attention by these firms will usually reflect this.

Furthermore, most financial advisors do not work directly with a client’s tax professional and often times do not understand the tax code themselves. By working directly with our client’s tax professional, we are able to take advantage of the tax code to ensure the most strategic financial planning, as well as provide ongoing financial advice and direction as life circumstances and tax situations change.

When you work with Link Financial Strategies, you will experience a passionate, caring and responsive and team who are dedicated to you and your best interests and will work hand-in-hand with your tax professional to ensure you are receiving the best ongoing financial advice and direction.